Contacts and Integrations

Organize and manage contacts, automate workflows, streamline messaging, and harness the power of unified contact management.

Import Contacts From Anywhere

Easily migrate any existing contact information to our platform. Over 5000+ app integrations available for seamless integration.

Organize and Update Contact Information

Easily manage and update contact information on the contacts page.

Mass Messaging

Easily send SMS, Email, or Review Requests to selected contacts, or automate these processes for your ease.

Add Workflows and Campaigns

Decide which campaigns and workflows are best for each contact.


Looking to learn more about Contacts Integration for your business? Browse our FAQs:

Contacts can be easily imported or exported using CSV format, including any of the fields in the contact creation form.

Easily dispatch a message through any of the contact’s saved channels, directly from your contact list.

Keeping your contacts organized can benefit your business in many ways. Having all contact information stored here allows you to send messages across any mutual platform with the contact, as well as review requests.