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Experience portable business management with our Marketing Management App. Stay connected with your leads and manage them efficiently, wherever you are.
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Optimize Customer Relations and Convert Leads into Customers.

Everything consolidated into one simple app

Keep track of your pipeline stages, effortlessly add and call leads, create invoices, add to campaigns, and move opportunities with ease. All of this can be done within our intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our advanced technology and robust features help you to elevate your sales game and maximize productivity. 

LeadConnector provides a seamless and customizable experience that adapts to your business needs. The app empowers you to stay on top of your leads while on-the-go, and respond to your customers’ needs in real-time.

Boost Your Reputation

Request, share, and reply to reviews from your past customers.

Manage Scheduling

Create custom calendars and manage bookings or appointments from an organized place.

Connect with Clients

Respond to clients directly in the app, including Emails, SMS messages, Google Business Messages, Instagram DMs, FaceBook and more, all from one platform.

Get Paid

Send invoices to clients through text messaging or email in seconds with ease.

Track Your Progress

View insights and reports of your business’s activity and analytics to see how you’re progressing.